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Couple talking about what to include on their wedding invitations

Wedding invitations should include the following; Bride and Grooms names with the wedding date, time, venue details and the dress code as a minimum. If you’re having a destination wedding or planning a wedding where your guests will be traveling and possibly not be familiar with the area, you would want to include as much detail as possible to ensure your guests have a stress free time and make it to your event.

I’ve included additional (optional) information that you can include in your wedding invitations - please let me know if you can think of anything else and I'd be happy to include it.

Invitation Details

  • Couples Names
    Include your names on the invitations and be sure to include your maiden name if using your surname.
  • Hosts (if applicable)
    If your parents are hosting, or your partner's parents are hosting (or both!) you may wish to include their details.
  • Wedding Date and Time
  • Ceremony Location
    Be sure to include the venue name and the address. Sometimes, venues are split and may hold a couple of weddings at the same time. Be sure to also include if it is in the garden, on the patio etc.
  • Dress Code
    Ensure your guests look the part and include a dress code on your invitations. Here is a general run-down of the themes.
    • Casual
    • Cocktail Attire | Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual
    • Themed Wedding Attire
    • Beach Formal
    • Formal Attire
    • Black Tie

Response Card Details

  • Response Date

Responses are generally required anywhere from 3 weeks before the wedding to 2 months (for a destination wedding).

  • May include;
    • Song Selections
    • Meal Options
    • Details of Allergies
  • Method of Responding – be sure to include on your response card if you would like your guests to rsvp by mail, email or phone.

Small Enclosures Optional Information

  • Reception Time & Venue Name (and Address)
  • Wedding Website - if you have a wedding website, feel free to include its details on a small enclosure
  • Wishing Well Information - I’ve written a post on Wishing Well Wording as it really shouldn’t be something that you spend too much time thinking about. If you can think of more examples, please let me know and I’d be happy to include them. You can also find a couple of ideas about Gift Registry Wording there too. A Wishing Well card is great to include in your wedding set as it is a very simple way to ask for money at your wedding.
  • Registry Details - Registry information is generally provided through word of mouth so feel free to let your close family and friends know where you’re registered and they can pass on the details. If you’re having a wedding website, feel free to add the details of your registry on it, however, only include a registry card with your invitations if absolutely necessary.
  • New Address Details - Has time gone by and your wedding venue or details changed since you sent out your Save the Date cards? This is where you would ensure to add those details.
  • Brunch or Dinner Information - If you're having a breakfast/lunch or dinner for close family and friends before or after the wedding, please ensure to include these details on an additional card that is included when you send your wedding invitations. It lets the guests come prepared, knowing what events are on.

Large Enclosure Optional Information

  • Accommodation Information – The address, name and contact details of your chosen guest accommodation should be included on this card, along with any possible group booking discounts or codes to use when booking.
  • Event Directions - If you’re having the ceremony at a different location than the accommodation or reception, feel free to include the directions for your guests to easily refer to.
  • Transportation Details – Some weddings provide shuttle buses and you can include these details including the time it leaves and a meeting point.
  • Special Activities
  • Rehearsal Dinner - Include your rehearsal dinner invitations with your wedding invitations. Rehearsal dinners allow an initial run-through of the ceremony and an excuse to gather friends and family for a sit-down, informal meal before your wedding. You should include an RSVP date if you require a head count and this can be as simple as a phone number, email address or a completely different response card. Rehearsal dinners generally fall the day before (or a few days before if you’re still waiting on interstate visitors) your wedding.

When do I send out my wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations are commonly sent out four to six months before the wedding (and possibly 12 months in advance if you’re inviting overseas guests or having a destination wedding.)

If you can think of anything that I've missed, please feel free to comment below.

Warm regards,



December 24, 2018 — LISA DOLKENS

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